Today, more and more people are now getting concerned about their health and their well-being. Because of this, they do exercises, they purchase health insurance policies and they also purchase different kinds of dietary supplements in order to keep themselves healthy. Besides, with the increasing cost of medicine and hospitalization, who wouldn’t want to keep themselves healthy?

One great dietary supplement that many people today are taking is called colloidal silver. For over a hundred years, silver has been used to treat or disinfect burns and wounds. In fact, your grandfather may have used their silver dollar on their milk to prolong its shelf life in room temperature.

Research has found that silver actually eliminates bacteria and viruses. Because of this, dietary supplements, such as the colloidal silver have been made to ensure a healthy andgw-501516 for sale virus-free body.

Although silver been criticized for being related to Argyria, a very rare skin disease that causes discoloration, many people today are still using colloidal silver as a dietary supplement. It has been found that only an overdose can cause the disease.

It is recommended by the EPA that only about 300 micrograms of silver should be ingested daily. There are colloidal dietary supplements available that only has 100 micrograms in a teaspoon and is usually the recommended daily dosage.

The way it works mainly depends on the silver. Research has found that if its is placed near fungus, bacterium, virus, and other single-celled pathogen, the properties of it disables its chemical lung or also known as the oxygen-metabolism enzyme. After a few minutes, the single celled pathogen that comes in contact with the colloidal silver dies. The destroyed pathogen is taken out of the body by the immune system.

Unlike antibiotics, the colloidal silver does not destroy enzymes that are beneficial to the body. The property of colloidal silver leaves enzymes beneficial to the body intact and mainly focuses on viruses and other single-celled life.

Therefore, it is considered safe for consumption of humans. It is recommended that you should purchase the b

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