Fans of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers look to the 09′ season with not much hope for anything good to happen. The Bucs rank among the worst in defense and offense and the future looks bleak. The Bucs had potentially a few Hall of Fame players on their team 7 years ago, now they are just looking to avoid a 3 win season. Former head coach Jon Gruden is now broadcasting for Monday Night Football – he doesn’t have to deal with the Bucs team anymore.

Not scoring any points in an NFL game just shows you how ufabetเว็บไหนดีสุด offensively challenged the Bucs are – that is what happened to the Bucs in week 3 against the New York Giants. The Giants did what they wanted and the Bucs had no answers the entire game. The defense is just as bad as the offense giving up more then 30 points a game.

Head coach Raheem Morris, at 33 years old, is one of the youngest head coaches in football. Some might believe that is too young but to save money teams will spend less on a young coach rather then pay the high price tag for a coach with Super Bowl wins. Head coach Mike Tomlin is the youngest head coach to win a Super Bowl, he was just 36 years old.

The Bucs find a capable quarterback and build their defense up once again if they ever expect to be a force in the NFC South again like they once were. QB Josh Johnson has been named the started of the Bucs – while it’s too early to say what he is made of – if the Bucs were confident in his abilities he would have been named the starter over Leftwich to begin with.

The Bucs are headed for a painful season if they can’t get the ball in the endzone and let opposing offenses score at will.

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