“They All Come Out for Halloween” by Mello-D Captures the Fun and Halloween Mystique Much Like “Monster Mash”
Song Creators Warn: So Catchy… it will grab you and not let go!

ROYAL OAK,Hot New Halloween Party Song! Articles MI- When music producer David Sawicki (aka Mello-D) created “They All Come Out for Halloween,” he never anticipated he was also potentially creating a new Halloween anthem for all ages.

In September of 2010, Mello-D enrolled the bass guitar talent of Billy Wilson, CEO of The Motown Alumni Association. When Wilson first heard the song, he found it refreshingly fun, upbeat and catchy. When he played an early mix for some adults and kids, they jumped out of their seats, dancing and repeating the chorus. Wilson knew right then- this could be the next Halloween pop “hit”. The song, just over 3 minutes, can be previewed and restaurant halloween ideas downloaded online at www.theyallcomeout.com and iTunes.
Wilson is not alone in his praise of the tune. Wolfman Mac, host of the nationwide TV show, “Wolfman Mac’s Chiller Drive-in Theater,” states: “‘They All Come Out for Halloween’ is a fun and catchy ear-worm that oozes with creepiness! I give it 10 claw marks!”

Mello-D performed a live set that included classic rock songs fitting for a Halloween-themed festival event on October 1st in Armada, Mich. Plans for the song include donating a portion of profits from the sale of the song for at-risk youth-related causes and a fundraiser: “They All Come Out for Youth.”

Do we even need a new Halloween song? Yes, and here’s why:
– 41 million people will celebrate Halloween this year
– Halloween is the 2nd largest commercial Holiday, just behind Christmas
– $3 billion is spent yearly on Halloween Costumes
– Haunted Houses are a half-billion-dollar Industry
– 90% of children between the ages of 5 and 13 go trick or treating… 35 million youth will go trick or treating
– 50% of all adults dress up for Halloween
– 67% adults will go to a Halloween Party

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