It was football season. You were watching the game while your girlfriend was talking about something. Something that was less important to you than the football game. You nodded your head like you were listening, but your eyes were glued to that big play. You remember something about a ufabet เว็บตรง ทางเข้า cushion cut engagement ring, but nothing after that.

Now, three months later, you are getting ready to ask her to marry you. You know you can’t ask her about what type of ring she wants, because you will get busted for not listening, but you have no idea what a cushion cut engagement ring is. Let us help keep you out of trouble before you pop the question!

Cushion cut engagement ring refers to the way the diamond is shaped when it is cut. The cut itself actually resembles a cushion or a pillow that you might find on a bed or couch.

The cut became popular in the late 1800s. It was also known as the candlelight cut, as it was designed to be the brightest in candlelight. Since candlelight was one of the main lighting sources at the time, this led in part to its popularity.

A cushion cut engagement ring can come in just about any shape or size, and it usually has a lot of facets, which is comparable to most modern ring styles and gives the same luster in modern light than other styles. They are actually quite rare in jewelry stores these days, because in order to cut the diamond this way, some of the rough (original stone before cutting) is lost.

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