Is there parity in the 2007 college football season?

I think so, given the fact that parity means equality in this case. The old adage that any team can beat any other team on any given Saturday has never been more evident than this season.

My analysis shows only 10 of the initial AP Top 25 Poll teams have remained in the Top 25 during the first 9 weeks of the season. The standard bearers are:

No. 1 USC is now ranked 13.

No. 2 LSU is now ranked 3 (the most consistent team all season).

No. 3 West Virginia is now ranked 7.

No. 4 Florida is now ranked 18.

No. 5 Oklahoma is now ranked 5 (they were No. 10 and bounced back).

No. 7 Texas is now ranked 14.

No. 9 Virginia Tech is now ranked 11.

No. 11 Georgia is now ranked 10.

No. 12 Ohio State is now ranked 1.

No. 20 Hawaii is now ranked 12.

Eight late bloomers arrived the second week or after and have remained in the Top 25. They are South Carolina, Oregon and Boston College (8 weeks in the poll), South Florida and Missouri (7 weeks), Arizona State (6 weeks), Kansas (4 weeks) and Michigan (3 weeks).

Michigan lost its first two games, one to AA Appalachian State in one of the ufabet เว็บตรง ทางเข้า biggest upsets in college football history. Big Blue from the Big House has rebounded with 7 straight wins, including victories over Penn State, Purdue and Illinois (the rest were slugs).

Four teams were in the Poll then out and played their way back in. They are Auburn, Boise State, Clemson and Alabama.

Four other teams were in, then out, back in and now back out. They are Penn State, Rutgers, Tennessee and Kansas State.

Ten more teams were in for more than a week, then out and have not been back in. They include California (8 weeks in), Wisconsin and Kentucky (6 weeks), Nebraska (5 weeks), Cincinnati (4 weeks), Louisville and Texas A&M (3 weeks), UCLA, Arkansas and Georgia Tech (2 weeks).

Six other teams have been one-week wonders; they made it into the Top 25, were bounced out the next week, and never returned. They include TCU, Purdue, Illinois, Florida State, Texas Tech and Virginia.

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