If you’re one of those people who have really tried various bodybuilding programs diligently and got abysmal results, a possible explanation was that you may have been doing the right weight training program but you were eating the worst foods for your body type, or vice versa. This is actually a very common problem.

Most mainstream bodybuilding programs have two major flaws: one, they have a tendency to heavily promote supplements, and two, they advocate the same generic program for everyone.

In this article I’ll address the second flaw of mainstream bodybuilding programs: the one-size-fits-all approach, or lack of personalization.

Why Most Mainstream Bodybuilding Programs Are Flawed

The one-size-fits-all approach is the major drawback of most programs like South Beach, Atkins, The Zone, High Carb / Low Carb Diet, etc.

Most Mainstream Programs fail because they don’t take into consideration your own individual variables and they don’t help you find out the best training routine and nutrition plan FOR YOU.

Our individual differences explain why high carb diets work for some people, while others just gain weight on it. It explains why some people do well on Atkin’s, while others develop health problems on this program.

If two people eat the same exact foods, do the same bodybuilding program and get the same amount of rest, they’ll still produce different results. This is because of individual differences like genetics and metabolic rate.

Likewise, a bodybuilding program that works well for another may only give you dismal results. There just simply isn’t just one program that cuts it for everyone. That’s why personalization is a must!

The Best Bodybuilding Program Is The One Tailored For You

If you want to reach your bodybuilding goals much easier and quicker, modelling your behaviour after those who are already producing the results you want is a foolproof strategy.

Want to know the secret of the world’s best and most successful Bodybuilders? They know the best weight training program for them at any given time and phase of their training period. They have measured and tracked and found the perfect nutrition ratios for their bodies. If they want to cheat, they know how much they can and cannot get away with. They know how much rest and sleep to get, and they know how far they can go to produce the results they want.

Similarly, the best bodybuilding program FOR YOU is the one that is personalized Bulking Sarms Stack and tailored to you – and that’s the secret!

An effective bodybuilding program is a holistic, complete program that encompasses how and what you should eat, what weight training and cardio training routines you must do, and what mental training you must practice in order to achieve the results your body can possibly attain.

What You Need to Do to Create Your Personalized Bodybuilding Program:

1. Tailor Your Nutrition Program – Getting your diet right is an absolute must. You must know your body type and nutritional individuality to find the optimal diet for you.

2. Personalize Your Cardio Workout – You must know how to systematically manipulate cardio frequency, duration, intensity, timing and type to accommodate your goals and to get the results you want.

3. Individualize Your Weight Training Routine – Your workout program must suit your current physical condition, fitness, lifestyle and goals.

4. Know How to Get Yourself Motivated – Bodybuilding IS hard. Bodybuilding doesn’t just involve physical strength, in fact it requires more mental strength. It requires consistent and progressive work and constant personal change. As such you must h

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